Desktop & Laptop Repair

BrenteK System Solutions provide desktop service for home users services chip level, card level services, and software related services as Desktop formatting, backup, outlook backup and configurations Desktop Mother board repair, TFT Monitor repair, SMPS repair.

Laptop Repair

BrenteK System Solutions provide Laptop service for home users @ chip level, card level and software services as format laptops, installations of Windows, Laptop mother board repaired, change laptop screen, upgrade your laptop screen.

Printer Repair

BrenteK System Solutions provide Printer Repair LaserJet Printers, Inkjet Printers, Dot Matrix Printers, Multi-function 4 in 1 printer/fax/scan/photocopy, Printer Heads, Teflon, gear change, logic card and formatting card instillation and share printer all user.

UPS Repair and battery change battery

Provide UPS card services and change ups Battery.

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